Mission Statement

Our mission is to send the "tangible" love of Jesus Christ to his orphaned children throughout the world in the form of a blanket or bear.


Our vision is to send that warm and cuddly feeling of love through blankets and bears to orphanages in Africa, then Asia and eventually to all third world countries.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Blanket & Bear Drive

From the week of November 17th thru Nov 22nd, we are proud to announce our first "Blankets & Bears Drive." We will have drop-off locations in Amarillo, were people can bring new and extremely gently-used blankets & bears to donate to our cause. We will have locations at the Bear Mill at the Westgate Mall and Panhandle Babies next to Michaels. Please help us get the word out! We will also be accepting any money donations toward the shipping costs for these items. Shipping to Africa and other foreign countries is EXTREMELY expensive. We will be grateful for any way you can help.

BLANKETS & BEARS DRIVE*******Nov. 17-22********

Why not help here at home?

Many have asked me, why Africa? Why not help the little ones here? After speaking to the head of an orphange in Africa, he told me the children there have never even seen a stuffed animal before. The children walk in the doors with literally the clothes on their backs. There are not organizations there designed for these children. Most organizations in Africa for the poor and helpless were started and are there due to foreign aid. America is really blessed, more than we realize sometimes. There is already an organization called "Hugs Across America" that sends stuffed animals to children in need. I have read numerous stories of quilting groups through the United States that make blankets to send to children in homeless shelters. Ambulances, highway patrolmen, and police carry stuffed animals to give to children in times of distress as a form of security. We have seen the need here in America, and many are reaching the hurting children here, our mission is to send a hand to the hurting children in Africa and one day hopefully throughout the world.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Blankets & Bears

Blankets & Bears is a non-profit organization that sends blankets & bears to orphans in Africa. Right now we are accepting new blankets and bears for donation to send overseas to orphans. We are also accepting monetary donations to help with the shipping costs to send overseas. Please mail any monetary donations or items of donation to Blankets & Bears, PO Box 1473, 1309 Euclid Street, Panhandle, TX 79068.

"Leave your orphans; I will protect their lives. Your widows too can trust in me." Jeremiah 49:11

The Vision

Blankets & Bears was started as a way to ministry to the hurting children in Africa. As a stay-at-home mother of three and former school teacher, one day at home I realized the overflow of blankets and stuffed animals or bears I had accumulated. I had just seen a commercial calling for the money donations to support the millions of orphans in Africa. Their little faces and hurting eyes stuck in my mind and I realized I could minister and send some form of love to these children. I know as a mother how my children have always clinged to a blanket or animal when I was away or when they were scared and it just fell together to send these hurting children some form of love and security in a blanket or bear.