Mission Statement

Our mission is to send the "tangible" love of Jesus Christ to his orphaned children throughout the world in the form of a blanket or bear.


Our vision is to send that warm and cuddly feeling of love through blankets and bears to orphanages in Africa, then Asia and eventually to all third world countries.

Friday, December 19, 2008


Here are some pictures of one of my shipments. I also tried to get some pictures of the bears but my digitial camera broke during our photos session. The day before I also broke the key off in the door at the place we are keeping our bears. Lots of trouble that week but we got our shipment out. I just found another contact in Zimbabwe and we will shipping to them shortly. They are a christian orphanage that houses about 40 kids. We are in high need of blankets now.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Schools can help too!

Right now highschoolers at Highland Park ISD in Amarillo are making blankets to send to the orphans in Africa. The week before Thanksgiving I gave a presentation to the 2 classes on giving and the blankets and bears mission. I am so excited that kids will be helping other kids. If you are aware of any organizations that do any community service, I would be more than glad to give them a presentation and they could have their own drive at their school collecting bears, make blankets or have a fundraiser for shipping costs. Way to go Highland Park!


Our first shipment was mailed out on December 2nd first to Wisconsin to missionaries who are relocating to the orphange in Madagascar. Here is the link to Madagascar, it would be great if you could support some of these children. There are only 10 currently in the home, we sent 20 blankets and 20 bears to this home. http://www.madagascarorphanage.com/
Tommorrow on December 4th a shipment of 50 blankets and 50 bears will be sent to 2 orphanages in Liberia. I have included one of the orphanages websites as well.
Currently I am in communication with possibly sending to an orphanage that is inside a refuge camp, it is estimated about 200 kids are there. If you still have any blankets and bears we collect them throughout the year. You can also donate money for shipping and currently we are in need of 55 gallon bins for shipping. Thanks to everyone for making this possible.