Mission Statement

Our mission is to send the "tangible" love of Jesus Christ to his orphaned children throughout the world in the form of a blanket or bear.


Our vision is to send that warm and cuddly feeling of love through blankets and bears to orphanages in Africa, then Asia and eventually to all third world countries.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Drive a Success

Thanks to everyone for all your support! We have received a great supply of bears and blankets to help get our organization started. I will be shipping our first shipment to the missionaries that are heading to the Madagascar orphanage at the end of this month. I have already been in contact with Jason at the orphanage and as soon as he receives the blankets and bears he will send us pictures of the little ones getting their gifts that were only made possible by you. Thanks again for all the people who donated, helped with the race, or just prayed. We will be accepting blankets and bears and donations for shipping all year, this was just our big drive to help get us started and raise awareness.

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