Mission Statement

Our mission is to send the "tangible" love of Jesus Christ to his orphaned children throughout the world in the form of a blanket or bear.


Our vision is to send that warm and cuddly feeling of love through blankets and bears to orphanages in Africa, then Asia and eventually to all third world countries.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Good News

Today I received an email that two boxes of blankets and bears arrived successfully at the orphanage in Uganda, find out more about them at http://www.orphansforchrist.com/. They are still waiting on a third box to give out all 200 blankets and bears to their children.

Yesterday the missionaries from Nicaragua were in the states for dental work and were able to stop by and visit. This is were we went this June and passed out blankets and bears to an orphanage and a children's hospital, you can find out more about them at http://www.saviorstear.org/ .

Saturday the lady that solely runs an orphange in Liberia called to say she was able to pass out all the blankets and bears we sent earlier this year. She just got back from a 9 week visit there, her link is http://www.lighthousecommunitycog.com/misson_of_hope_orphanage .

Thanks for all you do to support our cause, all this good news wouldn't be made possible without your support. Please check out some of these websites to see how you can help out these children. Keep watching the blog for pictures of these children receiveing their blankets and bears once the leaders get them to me!

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